Premium Chocolate Gift Collection | Schoggi Meier

Add glamour to everyday life with the premium chocolate gift collections from Schoggi Meier. Developed by Swiss expert chocolatier, the fine and scrumptious delights come in different shapes and flavours.

Give your loved ones a delicious chocolate gift

Trust Schoggi Meier to make your special occasions even more memorable with a chocolate gift of the finest Swiss chocolate in all of Hong Kong. Give your loved ones premium chocolate treats on their special day.

Why opt for a chocolate gift

Chocolates are some of the few universal things you can give as a gesture to show someone that you care. Another thing that short list is flowers. But flowers have a more romantic connotation to it. So, for special occasions celebrated between people who don’t share a romantic relationship, a chocolate gift is the best thing to give. What’s even better is if your chocolate gift is made up of the finest luxury Swiss chocolates in all of Hong Kong. Unlike other gift options, a chocolate gift can be enjoyed in more ways than one. Other gifts are only nice to look at and will eventually gather dust or will be kept away. But a chocolate gift is both nice to look at and nice to indulge in! Create lasting memories with a delectable chocolate gift to give your loved ones.

Give a chocolate gift that spells true value

When choosing the kind of chocolate to gift your loved ones with, the most important thing to look into is the kind of message you’re sending. If you opt to give a chocolate gift basket of commercially made and mass-produced chocolates, it’s as though you’re telling the recipient that apart from it’s all you can afford, it’s also a reflection of what they’re worth to you. Don’t risk making anyone feel like they’re not important enough for you to splurge on getting them a more special chocolate gift. Waste no time on curating all the expensive chocolates available at your nearest supermarket and head straight to the Schoggi Meier website for a comprehensive list of chocolate gift options for the special people in your life.

Why you should get your chocolate gift from Schoggi Meier

The Schoggi Meier promise is that all of their chocolates are made fresh everyday with only the highest quality of ingredients. Their chocolates are made under strict compliance to the authentic Swiss chocolate-making process that master chocolatier Jurg Meier built the company on. With that said, any chocolate gift you choose from the Schoggi Meier menu of products will guarantee the gustatory satisfaction of your recipient.

Choosing the perfect chocolate gift to give

You may find yourself overwhelmed by all the chocolate gift options that the Swiss chocolate maker has to offer its Hong Kong market. Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing the right chocolate gift:What is my recipient’s preference for chocolate? (Dark, milk, or white) Does my recipient enjoy eating a lot of chocolate? (Choose from a box of 2 all the way to a box of 25) Will my recipient enjoy nuts in their chocolate gift? There are more questions you can ask yourself when it comes to picking out the best chocolate gift for the special people in your life. The aforementioned is just a simple guide to get you started.

Go further and customize your chocolate gift

If you’re looking for more ways to make your chocolate gift even more special, then you’ll be thrilled to know that Schoggi Meier takes customization orders. Come up with a concept of how you want to personalize your chocolate gift and let’s work together on making your loved one feel most appreciated. Schoggi Meier also offers tailor made chocolate gift options for gift giving on larger scales and for professional purposes.