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Hong Kong chocolatier Schoggi Meier makes Macarons too!

The best thing about finding a brand that makes chocolates you absolutely can't get enough of is finding out that they make macarons too! Schoggi Meier, Hong Kong-based Swiss chocolate brand can't get any better than this!

French macarons by Hong Kong Swiss chocolatier

Schoggi Meier is known in Hong Kong for producing fresh Swiss chocolate of the best quality. Little do people know that the high-end brand also dishes out some of the best macarons in Hong Kong. Macarons are French pastries made out of meringue and has a subtle sweetness to it. Hong Kong now has access to authentic macarons made of only the best ingredients. Knowing that Schoggi Meier takes pride in producing their chocolates fresh each and every day, those of you interested in trying out authentic macarons in Hong Kong can rest assured that they're made to maintain the Swiss chocolatier's prestigious reputation.

A treat that isn't too sweet

One distinctive quality of authentic French macarons, the ones made in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the world, is that its sweetness level is actually rather low. As mentioned earlier, it comes with a subtle sweetness to it, the kind that your mother who doesn't like sweets will be able to thoroughly enjoy. Just like the original French ones, these Hong Kong-made macarons are unlike other pastries that are strong with flavor and are packed heavily. Macarons by Hong Kong-based chocolate company Schoggi Meier are light with a slightly crispy shell and a soft interior, true to the original French pastry's form. Needless to say, taking a bite of the Hong Kong chocolatier's macarons is an otherworldly experience.

Schoggi Meier Hong Kong's macarons

The Swiss chocolate making company, Schoggi Meier displays four purchasing options for their macarons made in Hong Kong. The following are the four different packages available for purchase through their website:Schoggi Macarons (20 pieces),Assorted Macaron Gift Box (Box of three),Assorted Macaron Gift Box (Box of six),Assorted Macaron Gift Box (Box of 12).Each of the macarons packages come with different pre-selected flavors. The macarons of the Hong Kong brand come in an assortment of flavors that include the following:Banana,Caramel,Chocolate,Hazelnut,Pistachio,Raspberry,Orange,Lemon,Green tea

Not your average pastry

You may have noticed that macarons, whether made in Hong Kong or in France, are rather expensive. Depending on where you buy them and who they were made by, the prices of macarons can go very high. The reason behind such exclusive pricing is that macarons aren't easy to make. The process involved in making macarons is time-consuming and even rather tricky. To add to that, the ingredients for the perfect macaron don't come by easily either. It's not that the ingredients are rare but they come at hefty prices as well. What makes the macaron so special is that it is both delicately made and eaten, a pastry fit for royalty.

The history of French macarons

The first macarons were baked and served almost 500 years ago by the chef of a certain Catherine de Medici in 1533. The macarons made their debut on none other than the wedding of the Queen of France. But back then, macarons were served and eaten as cookies, without the filling and without the other half. It wasn't until later on that a pastry chef's grandson decided he would much rather have the cookies with a chocolate panache filling and with another one piled on to it. This only happened as the 20th century began.With its rich history, delicate creation process, and its endearing charm, macarons soon became the pastry that France would be most known for.

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